Checking out Uncharted 3 on the big screen! is a video from 2011.

Checking out Uncharted 3 on the big screen!
Upload Date November 3rd 2011
Hosts Jared
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The ScrewAttack crew were lucky enough to have an Uncharted 3 event. Jared stands on a box and poses. Jared is at the play it event in Dallas Texas with several people who helped make the game. Todd Foster (Environmental Artist), Christophe Desse (Techinical Artist), Victor Harris (Assistant Producer) and Mick Perona (Assoc. Product Marketing Mgr.) from Naughty Dog.

Jared asks them how they came up with this event. They did the same thing for Uncharted 2. This is a way for Naughty Dog to connect with the fans. They had a competition at the event where the winners got a copy of the collectors edition of the game and they got it a week early. They want to promote the game to the fans.

The fans have enjoyed the event and talked to the developers and took photos with them. As long as the fans want to keep doing this, they will keep doing this. They want to say thank you to their fans.

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