Checking out Duke at Gearbox is a video from 2011.

Checking out Duke at Gearbox
Upload Date 2011
Hosts Destin
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Destin is in an undisclosed place to get unbiased opinions about Duke Nukem Forever. He is standing in front of a sign with "gearbox" on it! He asks someone what they thought of the game, and they say it's fantastic.

Branden is a huge Duke fan who has never been on camera before, and may be nervous. It's a lot like Serious Sam. The awesome news anchor asks some guy for his thoughts. He can't believe it!

He asks Randy Pitchford, who is probably someone with an objective opinion. Randy thinks it's good.

Branden wanted to strafe a lot and kill things. Destin asks an unbiased woman who asks what is there not to love? Nothing could be better.

Steve Gisbon is asked by some guy who just realized Steve works here how PAX was. Steve states that it was bananas. Destin claims in the captions that he totally knew that he worked here! Steve explains his thoughts on PAX. Duke Nukem was trending on Twitter for 40 hours.

Blake, who is a "real" gamer is asked if Steve was right. He thought the game was awesome and that it is a Duke Nukem game. Destin asks if the pre-orders from ten years ago are going to be honored. They have to be taken care of, and some of the stores that took preorders back then don't even exist anymore! Something has to happen with that, and those people are hardcore.

Branden discusses the shot gun. Steve is asked what his favorite quote from Duke is. "I'd still hit it". Destin tells about the guy from Texas who still has his pre-order reciept. There was a pitch to find the person with the oldest pre-order and give them a prize.

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