Challenge Monday is a sub-show of Screwin' Around that began in February 2012, and regular episodes ended in June 2012, but every now and then, the crew will bring out Challenge Day again. The show is usually hosted by Craig and another member of staff.

Note: Should the result be posted here too?

List of Official Episodes Edit

  • Metroid - January 24th 2012 Hosts: Craig, Sam
  • Beat "7 Star" SF2 Turbo - February 7th 2012
  • Beat Super Mario Bros. 3 - February 28th 2012 Hosts: Nick, Craig
  • Beat Contra. No Konami Code - March 6th 2012 Hosts: Craig, Nick
  • Beat Mickey Mousecapades - March 13th 2012 Hosts: Nick, Craig
  • Beat Killer Instinct. Hardest Difficulty - March 20th 2012 Hosts: Craig
  • Beat TMNT - March 27th 2012 Hosts: Nick, Craig
  • Beat TMNT 2 - April 3rd 2012 Hosts: Nick
  • Beat Mike Tyson - April 10th 2012 Hosts: Craig, Nick Note: There was no camera this episode.
  • Beat Mike Tyson... Round 2 - April 17th 2012 Hosts: Craig, Nick
  • Beat Double Dragon Co-op! - April 24th 2012 Hosts: Craig, Nick
  • Left 4 Dead Expert Co-op - May 1st 2012 Hosts: Nick, Sean
  • Troll Battlefield 1943 - May 29th 2012 Hosts: Nick, Craig
  • Timesplitters 2 Challenge Mode - June 12th 2012
  • Beat Fighters MegaMix... Three Times - June 19th 2012
  • Beat The Simpsons Arcade Game - June 26th 2012 Hosts: Craig and Nick
  • Beat Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3 in an hour! - July 3rd Hosts: Craig, Nick

Other Challenge Days Edit

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