Chad puts ScrewAttack out of business (with a pre-Black Friday sale and new shirts!) is a video from 2011.

Chad puts ScrewAttack out of business (with a pre-Black Friday sale and new shirts!)
Upload Date November 17th 2011
Hosts Craig, Bryan, Sean, Jared, Chad
Series Merchandise

Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig walks into the office and asks Bryan if he has finished his review. Bryan replies that it is good to go. Craig admires Bryan's new shirt, and finds it funny. Craig goes to see Sean to see how he is going with news, and finds Sean's shirt to be awesome. Craig continues stares at it as he leaves the room.

Jared is practicing his pen tosses in another room. Craig asks him if he has got his work done. Jared replies no, and Craig doesn't care because his shirt is amazing! Craig wants to touch it, but Jared slaps his hand. As Craig leaves, Jared throws a pen at him.

Craig enters Chad's office. He is also wearing an awesome shirt. Chad advertises his new line of shirts. There is also a new ScrewAttack shirt. Chad says that Craig is wearing it. Craig looks down, and is confused at the fact that he is indeed wearing the new ScrewAttack shirt.

Chad is shown reading the script, and Craig barges in, asking Chad what the offer is, before tearing up the script, and slapping Chad with it. Craig is angry that this will put them out of business. Chad, worried, looks at the camera and tells everyone to go to Craig re-enters to kick Chad in the groin!

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