Chad and his dad save the world from Shaq Fu is a video from 2012.

Chad and his dad save the world from Shaq Fu
Upload Date February 12th 2012
Hosts Chad, Chad's dad, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack was given a lot of copies of Shaq Fu at MAGFest, and they need to destroy them. Chad and his dad are at the gun range. Chad has never had better targets to shoot at. Chad shoots the games. One of them had its cover blown out! They are using a Walker .44. Chad's dad shoots the game.

Up next is a Magnum .44. Chad's dad is efficient, as the cartridge got shot across the contact. The game will never be played again! Chad sends a cartridge that is dangling to hell. A wheel is being spun with Shaq Fu cartridges on it. Craig introduces "Wheel of Shaq Fu!" Chad shoots them all.

Finally, they have an AR-15 and carnotite, basically legal explosives! Chad shoots at it, and it blows up! All the donaters names appear on the screen.

After all that, one cartridge survived! Craig shoots it.

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