Chad Has a Better Idea is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Chad Has a Better Idea
Cast Jared, Nick (as Slapman), Chad, Craig, Ben, Sean, Lauren, Bryan
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date September 30th 2011
Clip / Ad SLAP Energy Drink

Synopsis Edit

Chad is angered that the SLAP commercial is the best ad they came up with. Chad came up with a better ad in like 5 seconds!

Craig announces the commercial. Craig asks if Jared is tired of the office. After tiredly shaking his head, Slapman (Nick) enters wearing an orange cape, sunglasses, a weird fake hair, and a green shirt with SLAP written on it. Nick slaps Jared, and the tag line "It's like a wake up slap to the face" appears.

Chad is running on a treadmill, and Craig says that it is good for giving an energy boost. Slapman enters and slaps Nick in the face. Chad falls off the treadmill.

Ben and Sean stayed awake all night studying for a test and are both tired. Sean is worried that he will fall asleep during the exam. Slapman leaps down from a fence, and they both turn around. Slapman slaps both of them in the face.

Craig asks himself about not being a morning person. Craig is in bed. Slapman comes up from under the covers, and slaps him. Craig's narration of the tag line becomes less audiable.

Lauren is cleaning the laundry, and Craig asks if she has a lot of chores to get done. Slapman enters and looks at Lauren, before looking at the camera. He slaps Lauren. The tagline is changed to "It works on women too!"

Craig asks Bryan if he is feeling tired. Bryan shakes his head, before starting to yawn. He holds it in, and looks around. Relieved that Slapman didn't slap him, he turns back to the magazine he is reading. Slapman runs in and slaps Bryan anyway! Craig shouts random gibberish before ending in "face" at the end!

Chad says that SLAP is welcome for the ad he made for them. He drinks the energy drink, and is disgusted.

An outtake is shown of Nick actually hitting Lauren. Nick turns to the camera with his hands covering his mouth, and Chad is horrified.

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