Centipede Randomness is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Centipede Randomness
Cast Nick, Ben, Jose, Corey, Bryan, Chad(?), Destin
Intro Host Nick (with Ben)
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Centipede

Synopsis Edit

Nick looks confused at the ad the he just saw. Ben walks in and asks why he picked that clip, as they can't make a clip out of such randomness. Nick decides to make a clip out of randomness.

Nick throws a sock into the air multiple times. Followed by Jose catching an orange, and Bryan and Chad(?) head banging. Ben puts a fork into a coke can. Nick leaves a turd on the couch, and Jose is disgusted. Nick then waves it in Jose's face. A picture of a dragon with the words "CHAD <3 DRAGONS" appears. This is followed by Nick lifting his shirt in front of a green screen, with a green shirt underneath, and pretends he has been cut in half.

Corey makes out with a nacho and stormtrooper helmet. Bryan presses his face against the glass window in their office. Jose pelvis thrusts to a picture of a hot chick. The image changes to a fat woman. Jose doesn't mind, and continues to pelvis thrust.

A picture of Batman and a dinosaur appear, and explode. Tommy the Toucan is running away from being shot at by tanks. It then crosses to Tommy running down a hallway. Destin looks terrified. Ben spins the camera around himself only to stop on Jose with his Mexican-wrestler mask on at the door waving. The next scene has Jose with his mask and Tommy about to fight. Several tanks with Pikachu's shoot at Tommy. Tommy dies, and his head is on the ground. Cross back to Corey, who is eating the chip.

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