Call of Duty in real life is a video from 2011.

Call of Duty in real life
Upload Date September 15th 2011
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

While at Call of Duty XP, Craig got to play Modern Warfare 2 in real life.

Personnel: Stuttering Craig

Location: Call of Duty XP "Scrapyard"

Objective: Kill everybody ... with paint balls!

The match begins, and Craig walks around with his paintball gun and camera. He hits a few people, and gets a double kill. Craig finds some cheap campers. He shouts at a guy, and gets a headshot. Craig gets hit.

Craih teabags someone, and they cry out "Nooo!" Craig shoots some more people before securing the flag. Victory!

Craig hi-fives other players. It was awesome.

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