California is a Clip of the Week from 2011, and is Destin's goodbye video.

Cast Craig, Destin, Jared, Chad, Nick (flashback), Ben (flashback), Bryan (flashback), Jose (flashback)
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date mid 2011
Clip / Ad The Wizard

Synopsis Edit

Destin is leaving to California.

Destin is walking down the street with his briefcase. Chad drives past and puts on a Texan accent, and asks him where he's going. Chad tells him that he will be leaving a lot of people behind and to stay safe. Destin is slightly confused.

Craig is talking to Terra Corrupt, the previous g1 of the year. They are upset at Destin leaving, and Craig wants to go out and bring him back.

Destin meets up with Jared, who is wearing a power glove. Jared challenges Destin to Marble Madness. Destin doesn't want to and walks past him. Jared says that he hates Destin.

Destin continues walking and Craig catches up to him screaming his name. He begs to Destin that he can't go. Destin says that he is already there, and there is a chalk line on the ground. One side says 'California', the other says 'Not California'. Craig falls to the ground and cries. Destin turns around and sees Jared. They say "Fuck you" to each other, and Jared wipes a tear away. 

Clips of Destin are shown including Destin pointing on Hard News, Destin eating the Twinkie that Jose licked, Destin at a laptop, Destin talking to Milo, Destin interviewing, Destin dancing in the bathroom in Potty Humor, Destin eating an apple in Metal Gear Ben, Destin pointing in Hard News again, Destin's show Daily DL shown in Stepping Stones, Destin slapping Bryan in G.I. Destin, Jose and Destin dancing in the BenRoll, Destin and Jared at the Pokemon Championship series, Destin taking off his box in Box Bot Wars, and being introduced as a ScrewAttack member in Super ScrewAttack Brawl, finally pointing in Hard News again.

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