Craig plays with Bowser, and Ben gets a mustache and a pirate ship during the filming of The Sopa Act.

Upload Date December 19th 2011
Hosts Craig, Bowser, Bryan, Jared, Ben, Nick, Sam
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Craig laughs as he holds Bowser. Bowser flips around in Craig's arm and they play. Bowser is a good actor!

Jared just smiles at the camera. Nick can tell that Jared was doing his face.

Bowser fights Craig and Craig pretends he is SOPA being killed.

Jared comments that they would not all be pirates, and comments on the awful take.

Ben asks what kind of mustache he should have. Nick wants it to curl.

Craig and Bowser continue to play.

It is Nick's fault if Ben gets nasal poisoning. Ben's mustache didn't work, and he tries to wash it off, but he just smears it.

Craig forces Bowser up to the camera.

Nick tries to give Ben paper towels, but he already has some.

Bowser is biting Craig's hand, and Craig says that his hand represents SOPA.

Ben tries another mustache, and asks Craig to draw it. Ben tells Craig not to stick the sharpie up his nose.

Craig and Bowser are still playing!

Jared is confused by Ben's new mustache. Craig jokes that he is going to put eyebrows on Ben. Ben thinks the mustache looks awesome.

Ben and Nick are constructing the pirate ship. Ben puts cannons on it! They are going to spend most of their time constructing the ship. The pirate flag falls down as they all stand in it. They try to sound piratey, and Nick knocks the Mega Man hat off the front.

Craig puts his arms up. Bowser jumps off.

Ben rides the pirate ship, still speaking piratey. Ben tries to throw the ship in the bin, but it falls apart. Ben says that the Limewire has sailed its last adventure. Nick adds until they make another one. Ben walks off and his hat falls off. He makes a pose.

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