Ben is sick of Mentos and keeps ruining the takes when filming The Fresh Maker.

Upload Date 1st January 2012
Hosts Ben, Sam, Nick, Chad, Bryan, Jared, Lauren, Craig
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Sam and Ben do their scene and laugh.

The drink cup is thrown onto the ground, but it stands upright! The crew laugh. Nick wants that to be the take. The drink misses the shot by a long way. Nick compliments Sam on the splatter, and calls Sam Sean again. Nick checks to make sure that it was water that he just got splashed by.

Ben is not good at popping the Mentos. Ben puts the Mentos back in the package. Nick comments that they have five packets. Ben is getting sick of the Mentos and they have only made the first shot!

They discuss how good people are in the commercial. Ben tries to throw one into the air and catch it in his mouth, but fails. Ben continues to fail at popping Mentos into his mouth.

Chad gets shot. Nick enjoys Chad's face. Ben prepares for his run-up to Bryan. Ben forgets to pop the Mentos! He forgets again!

Bryan asks how to do the shot as he sits on the ground. The law has been hit in the balls!

Jared and Lauren hold hands and walk. Lauren laughs after she has been taken away, and Ben gives a Mentos to Jared. Ben continues to struggle to pop Mentos. Lauren runs away from Ben after the scene is over.

Lauren bursts into Ben's office. Craig gets a fright and ruins the take. Craig inspects the door. Craig jokes about labor, and throwing a baby to Lauren after the video.

Lauren dances.

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