Craig cracks everyone up filming the outtakes to the Bucket of Oblivion.

Upload Date 24th November 2011
Hosts Craig, Lauren, Chad, Sean, Jared, Ben, Nick
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Lauren pretends to punch Craig's covered head. Jared is surprised at this. Craig puts the bucket on Lauren. Everyone cheers. Nick wants to take a break. Jared hates Craig! Nick wants to do something fun.

Craig makes a hilarious face which cracks Lauren up. Chad replies that it is so hard not to laugh. Craig is laughing in the bucket now! Lauren chops Chad with the cardboard. Lauren can't stop laughing at what she did. They try to record from a different angle for 10 minutes, and Craig keeps on making funny faces to distract Chad and Lauren, but cracks himself. Craig yells "Woooooo!" Craig keeps on laughing.

Jared tells Sean he should act like a pig eating from a trough. Lauren cracks again. Jared hits Tommy in the nuts with the nerf gun. Jared's nerf gun doesn't work. Lauren barges in to get some clothes. Ben takes random stuff off the shelves with no regards to anything. Playstation 2 games keep on attacking him.

Chad tries to skate slowly on his skateboard, but gets too close to Nick. Craig tries to tape a sword to his leg, but it doesn't hurt him. Several hairs still came off. Jared comments on Sean's vomiting sounds. Nick can't see that Craig took off the bucket, and keeps hitting Jared. Craig ruins an otherwise perfect take.

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