Craig laughs a lot, and Chad makes increasingly horrific threats during the outtakes of Taken.

Upload Date June 2012
Hosts Nick, Drake, Chad, Bryan, Lauren, Craig
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Nick is in the dumpster and prepares for Drake to open the lid and be kidnapped. Drake's fingers can be seen on the lid after he has been taken away. They try a few more takes. Drake gets the trash in on the third attempt!

Chad has to put the Metal Gear Ben mask on and has horrible flashbacks. Chad is going to rape Drake after knocking him out! Craig tells Drake that he is late, and Drake says Craig's name wrong. Craig and Drake awkwardly stare at each other. Drake wonders if he should say something.

Chad is on the phone. He messes up part of his line, and Drake laughs after being yelled at. Chad yells as he is hung up on, and his voice gets high. Chad tries to improve his rant to Craig about sending pieces of Drake to him. One of his threats involves raising the ransom. Drake laughs. Another involves smashing Drake's balls with a hammer. Nick is disturbed by this.

Craig's phone rings, and Drake and Chad dance to the badass music. Craig laughs as Chad tells him that his employee has been kidnapped. Craig can't keep a straight face. Chad realizes that they will be here forever. Craig is still not ready. Craig starts laughing again as soon as he hangs up every time. Lauren gets into the shot in one of the takes. Craig smacks a stapler into his Macbook.

Drake enters to ask for Craig's help with a video. Chad says that he is back, and Nick replies that Chad is a terrible kidnapper! Craig starts to smile during a take, which gets Nick! Craig laughs at Nick's face. Nick walks over to Craig to laugh at him! Chad brings up Karate Man to make Craig laugh.

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