The crew choose the music they want to sing and dance to for Sing.

Upload Date June 2012
Hosts Ben, Lauren, Bryan, Sean, Craig, Nick
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Lauren dances, and the others laugh to the music. Sean wants a big sausage to hold on to. Sean has to explain to Lauren that he means the food.

Craig and Sean argue to Lauren making innuendo jokes, while she bangs her head against the wall laughing. Craig tries to sing the music as the rest of them dance. Craig runs out of sounds. Nick wants to do dub-step and has no idea what to do. Nick asks who wants Funeral Doom. Ben wants to listen to it, and Lauren practices.

Ben can't stop laughing at his 'singing'. Everyone cracks up at Ben's singing. Nick tries to do a rock symbol, but does it wrong. Everyone pushes everyone else around. They all laugh. Craig starts creeping on Sean. Bryan joins in. Sean is terrified as they all surround him. Lauren stares into the camera as the others discuss. Bryan tries to start singing, but laughs as Craig stands on his knees in front of him.

Craig wants to try to yodel. The German g1's will hate it! Everyone stares in silence.

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