Everyone annoys Nick by laughing when filming A Very ScrewAttack Thanksgiving.

A Very ScrewAttack Thanksgiving Outtakes
Upload Date March 16th 2013
Hosts Craig, Ben, Chad, Lauren, Sean, Jared, Nick, Sam
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Craig discovers the badger mushroom video, that Nick comments about being older than the internet. Craig is way too excited about it. Ben stares at Craig. Nick closes the video and Craig finds that he has 6 windows open.

Craig sweeps the plastic knife off the table with his sword.

Lauren laughs after Jared tells a story about eating glue as a child. Jared states that he ate a packaging peanut. Chad is worried, as he doesn't know if the peanuts are toxic. Ben thinks they may need to take Jared to the hospital. Jared is happy that he will finally have a family with him for Thanksgiving, which makes everyone else depressed!

There is a scroll of the table, while Chad, Lauren, Craig and Jared sing songs from The Lion King after playing it on Screwin' Around that day.

Lauren makes everyone laugh. Nick is disappointed in everyone. Craig puts the peanuts on the table, and everyone laughs. Craig hits a energy drink off the table, which hits Jared in the chest. Sean wants to see it in slow motion, and he and Jared makes a slow motion version of what happened. Craig jokes about the can impaling Jared.

Another energy drink is thrown across the table, and it lands in the packaging peanuts.

Jared begins to eat a packaging peanut and Sean begins laughing. There is a failed attempts at this shot counter on the screen. On the next take, Lauren starts laughing. On the third take, Jared stares at Craig, as he has started to laugh. Craig tries to blame Nick revealing that he was trying to think of dead puppies! The fourth attempt has Craig laughing again, and Nick tells him to leave. The next clip has Sam and Lauren start laughing, and Sam needs to leave. A piece of peanut got stuck in Jared's throat.

Since he can hear Craig laughing in the other room, Jared decides to pretend to like the peanut, and takes another one. This makes everyone laugh even harder. On the next take, Ben laughs. Sean decides to hide in his jacket, but he laughs anyway. He has to leave. Chad says that he could see Sean shaking before bursting into laughter

Nick decides to ask the others to go, to prevent this take from taking too long. Jared chews violently to make the others laugh. It's now just Nick and Jared remaining for this one shot. Jared asks if he laughs does he have to leave? Ben comes back in and tells them to hurry up. Jared succeeds finally, and spits out the peanut and throws the fork. It took 10 shots to finally get a good take.

Jared makes chewing noises causing Sean to laugh again. Everyone stares towards Jared, who quickly puts another peanut in his mouth, which causes them to laugh. Jared puts the peanut up to his nose, causing Ben to laugh.

Craig throws Tommy's head on the table, but it lands in Chad's face, and he screams. Craig attempts to cut the toucan costume. Jared spits out the packaging peanut, and one bit gets caught on his mouth.

Nick gets out of the toucan costume, only for the microphone to obscure the camera. Nick gets out of the costume again and screams, and says it may be too loud for the microphone. Ben says he looks like butt.

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