The correct title of this page should be CAM_2 FILE# P406135.

CAM_2 FILE# P406135
CAM 2FILENumberP406135
Cast Ryan, Ben, Nick, Chad, Corey, Craig, Jose
Intro Host Ryan (with Ben)
Upload Date November 1st 2010
Clip / Ad none

CAM_2 FILE# P406135 is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Synopsis Edit

Ryan is hosting the Clip of the Week, when suddenly a loud bang is heard, and Ben and Ryan wonder what it is. Suddenly, the roof falls down and crushes Ryan. The lights go out, and Chad, Nick and Corey run into the room. Ben explains what happened. They find the camera light and attach it to the camera. They swap out the microphone on the camera. Chad says that the whole ceiling has fallen down, so they can't leave that way.

They go out the back hallway and wonder what is going on. Nick stops them, as he can hear something. Corey wants to keep moving. Chad opens the door, but it slams shut, and they all run back the other way. The video cuts out.

Ben changes the camera battery, and Chad, Nick, Corey and Ben are outside arguing over what they should do. Suddenly, Craig drives past instructing them to get into the car. They pile in. Craig says that it is his fault. Craig drives on, when Chad sees Jose, and they yell at Craig to stop the car. Jose is dead. Craig is still saying that it is his fault, and everyone argues. Suddenly, the car hits something, and the video stops. Something hit them.

Nick, Chad and Corey are talking, and they notice that Ben is unconscious. Ben wakes up, and Chad takes the camera. Sirens can be heard, and Ben gets out of the car. Corey checks on Craig, who has been killed in the crash. They wonder if Craig is really dead. The survivors run towards a building, where the door is locked. They walk around the front and enter the building.

Nick takes off his jumper. They investigate the empty room. Corey walks behind a wall and screams. Chad goes to help, but he is knocked back. Something large is there, and they are all knocked to the ground. The camera points towards Chad, who tries to move, but he is picked up and pulled back.

The tape ends and the camera saves the file and auto uploads to the site. The camera shuts down.

Camera Upload Edit

At the end of the clip, the camera randomly chooses a file name. It chooses P406135, however the three other options are:

  • PAXXX55
  • P4C6I3F
  • F40GXEX

GLITCH/source=CAM_2 FILE#P406135 Edit

GLITCH/source=CAM_2 FILE#P406135
Cast Nick, Chad, Corey, Ben
Intro Host none
Upload Date November 1st 2010
Clip / Ad none

A secondary video was uploaded at the same time as the clip. This is a sped up version of the first section of the original video, from where the group meet after the light is put onto the camera, up until the group run after the door closes on them.

Reveal Edit

During the 10th birthday marathon stream, the secrets behind this video was finally revealed. A prize was on offer for anyone who could decipher the clues to find out what the monster was, however no one figured it out. The monster was revealed to be Pacgief, a character created during the Pac-Man 2 and Pac Man Pac-in-Time Video Game Vaults.

The clues to the secret included:

  • The title of the video is P406135, which translated to characters spells 'Pacgief'.
  • When the ceiling collapses on Ryan, a single frame of Pacgief's foot can be seen.
  • When Nick tells the rest of the crew to be quiet, the "Now you're a man" song can be heard - the same song heard during Pacgief's introduction in the Pac-Man 2 VGV.
  • Craig states that he "couldn't contain it". Craig narrated both VGV's featuring Pacgief.
  • Some of the other options for the video titles include "PAXXX55" (Pacs), and "P4C6I3F" (Pacgief). The last option also features the 'G' and 'E' in their correct places.

Follow up / reception Edit

After this clip was posted, the entire crew that was in the video went silent on social media. Destin, who was sick on the day of filming posted a video of him stuck in traffic the next day. He states that he thinks the city is being evacuated. g1's began asking around wondering what had happened, and reached out to Angel. Angel wasn't in on the secret, and in panic, he contacted Craig asking what was going on.

Trivia Edit

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