Busting In is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Busting In
Cast Sam (as Link), Ben, Bryan, Sean, Drake, Nick, Lauren (as Nick's mom)
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date August 18th 2012
Clip / Ad Iron Sword

Synopsis Edit

There are a lot of commercials where a video game character busts into a kid's bedroom wanting them to play their game. Surely that can't work every time.

Ben is looking at porn, when Link (Sam) busts in to select Ben to play his game. They stare awkwardly at each other, before Ben reaches for paper towels.

Link busts into Bryan's room, but Kirby got there before him! Sean and Drake are filming Bryan and Kirby play.

Nick is playing a game, when Link bursts in. Nick starts screaming in terror and cries for his mom. Link tries to calm him down by covering his mouth. Nick is playing The Legend of Zelda, and he and his mom (Lauren) are being held captive by Link. Link has his sword around Lauren's neck. She encourages her son. 


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