Building a Jetpack is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Building a Jetpack
Cast Chad, Nick as Dr. Octagon, Destin, Bryan, Jose
Intro Host Destin
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Halo Reach (Jetpack)

Synopsis Edit

This clip is a combination of the How to with Chad segment, as well as a 'sequel' to the Metal Gear Ben series. In one episode of Metal Gear Ben, Octagon teleports with a Guitar Hero board. The result of that apparently, put him into this clip. The LOL-Lazer is also seen and is flashbacked to.

Destin really wants a jetpack, so he employs the smartest people he knows to make one for him.

Chad introduces himself and begins How to with Chad. Chad gets the only person he knows that knows anything about electronics to help. Dr. Octagon from Metal Gear Ben teleports, while holding a Guitar Hero board. Chad begins to ask him why he has it, but cuts himself off.

Chad wants an 'incredible' piece of technology to begin the build. Octagon throws a backpack onto the table.

Step 1: The two attach jet boosters onto the backpack (they are nerf guns). Octagon puts his on the wrong way. Chad tells him that they should be facing the same direction. Octagon tries to tape the guns onto the backpack, and almost breaks everything. Octagon wants to cut the tape with scissors while Chad holds it, and he almost cuts Chad's fingers off. Chad asks him if it is the first time he has ever used scissors, to which Octagon replies that it is his second.

Step 2: They add another jet booster. Octagon dumps the LOL Laser onto the backpack. Chad is surprised to see it. There is a flashback of Jose using the LOL-Laser. Octagon discovers that tape is strong. Chad says that if Destin dies, it is Octagon's fault.

Step 3: Install radial gyrators, also known as the DJ Hero mixer. Octoagon uses packaging tape and chucks it all over the place. Chad has to stop him because Octagon is ruining everything.

Step 4: Adhere secondary fly-a-ma-whatzit. Octagon tapes the toy seen in Somebody Dies onto the jet pack. 

Step 5: Octagon asks how much dynamite can fit into the LOL-Laser. Chad says to not go too overboard with the dynamite so as to not kill Destin.

Chad solders a chip together and warns Octagon about the toxic fumes. Octagon brags a lot how smart he is, as Chad finishes up. They call Destin.

They go outside and attach everything up to Destin. Destin is wearing green boxing gloves and goggles. Everyone counts down, and Destin explodes. Chad says that he told Octagon that it would explode, and they run away before Craig or the cops get there.

The gloves fall to the ground.

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