Bryan's Yoga Quest is a video from 2010.

Bryan's Yoga Quest
Upload Date some time in 2010
Hosts Bryan, Jared, Craig, Angel
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

When Bryan was a kid, Street Fighter II broke his young mind. Dhalsim stood out to him. He looks like a scrawny dude, but when he started a fight he would yoga people to death. Jared (an adult) asks young Bryan what he wants to be when he's older. Bryan (as a kid) would reply about Dhalsim! They would then say that he wants to be a video game developer. But Bryan says no - he wants to be Dhalsim! Jared tells Bryan that he needs help.

Things didn't work out, as Bryan works at his desk. He held onto the dream. One day he was given shovelware to do something with. He saw yoga on the back, and his memories came back. He wanted to be Dhalsim again.

Bryan starts to play, and realized that yoga isn't easy. Bryan tries to do the moves. After a few sessions, he was ready to test his skills. Jared calls to Bryan to lunch, and Bryan says that he will teleport and meet them there. After half an hour, Jared comes back wondering what happened to him. Bryan is passed out on the floor twitching. Jared says that he should call someone.

Bryan reaches for a coffee cup, but can't reach it and gives up.

Craig has a cold sandwich (just like the power ups COTW), and Bryan enters and tries to breathe fire on it. It doesn't work, and Craig is creeped out. Angel enters telling him to stop. Angel gets a lighter, and turns it on, heating the sandwich and burning Craig's hand!

Bryan is upset as the dream didn't come true, but he will keep trying. One day, it may come true. Bryan burps, and a small fireball comes out!

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