Bryan's Dark Side is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Bryan's Dark Side
Cast Sean, Chad, Lauren, Ben, Craig, Brad, Bryan. Flashbacks only: Destin, Jose, Corey, Nick
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date September 10th 2011
Clip / Ad The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Synopsis Edit

Sean comments to Chad that Bryan is doing some really weird shit when everyone else isn't around. Lauren says that she doesn't think he even leaves. Ben, Chad, Brad and Craig go and spy on Bryan. Bryan turns his head, and shoots a laser out of his eye. Ben, Chad and Brad are shocked. Ben theorizes that Bryan may be responsible for the spam-bots that have been hitting the site since the relaunch.

Chad doesn't believe this since Bryan looked really sad when he stole his birthday. Then again, the spam-bots started appearing when Bryan became Community Manager. Brad once noticed Bryan's eyes glowing. Ben reverses the audio in Bryan's last video review, and it reveals a robotic voice. Ben thinks that this Bryan got swapped with the real Bryan during the events of 'The Others'.

Chad recreates the Virtual XBox, which reopens the portal, and the real Bryan escapes. The real Bryan goes to the Other Bryan and shoots him, and drags his corpse back into the portal. Craig explains Bryan's new role, and tells him he's home.

Trivia Edit

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