Break Stuff Day! Cold Weather Edition is a video from around Christmas 2008.

Break Stuff Day! Cold Weather Edition
Upload Date late 2008 or early 2009
Hosts Craig, Jose, Chad, Corey, Ben, Destin, Bryan, Nick
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig introduces the video, as Jose hugs him. They have a bunch of stuff lying around the office that they don't know what to do with. It's time to destroy it. It's also cold.

The first item is a modem. Jose volunteers, and stamps on it before taunting it. Chad jumps on a skateboard, but it doesn't snap until he tries again. He tries to ride the broken skateboard. He then breaks the skateboard in two, and rides on the pieces like skates. Bryan tries to push his off using a bat.

Bryan smashes the modem some more with the top of a bat. Corey smashes an old monitor with the bat. Chad, Ben, Jose, Destin, Craig and Bryan watch on as Corey goes crazy. Chad yells out that it isn't Battletoads! Corey asks what's next before everyone else starts laughing.

Ben has a creepy doll, and throws it to Craig who is holding the bat. Ben doesn't throw it well, and Craig wants a better throw. Craig throws it into the air and smashes it. He hits it a few more times.

Nick and Craig hold a long pipe in the air, and Destin runs up to it and kicks it. Destin picks it up and bends it. Ben throws a box (?) into the ground. He then throws a piece of it to Bryan with the bat, and Bryan hits it back towards Ben as it rolls along the ground. Ben has to leap out of the way.

Nick wants to smash Santa. Ben says that it feels wrong that he is so Christian and wants to kill Santa! Nick replies with that it is Santa, not Jesus. Nick kicks Santa straight up into the air, and Santa falls behind him. Nick is confused by his terrible kick. He only dented some of Santa's face. Nick smashes Santa with the pipe, before tearing Santa apart. He then gets his car to run over Santa's remains, but misses, and has to try again.

Craig shows some promotional buttons for SGC that were printed. They have the wrong date on them (they say June 3-5 2009). SGC is in July, not June. Craig hits the button with the bat, and shows a bag full of them. Craig and Nick smash the bag, and Jose comes to join in. He teabags the buttons. Craig says Merry Christmas, and says he will see the viewer at SGC. He continues to smash the buttons.

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