Brad Interviews Lauren is a video from 2011.

Part 1 Edit

Brad Interviews Lauren Part 1
Upload Date August 31st 2011
Hosts Craig, Lauren, Brad, Chaz (flashback)
Series Random Awesomeness


Craig shows Lauren to Brad's office. Lauren opens the door to reveal a very small room. She laughs. Brad is wearing a suit as he welcomes her to ScrewAttack. Brad shows Lauren around his "office". There is a picture from The Notebook on the wall. Brad asks her how much she likes it. It is one of her favorite movies.

Brad shows a picture of him in a car. Lauren laughs. Brad says that he has a lot of money, and Lauren can tell by his suit. Lauren continues to laugh.

Brad asks her for her full name. Brad then asks her how she feels about working at a company called ScrewAttack. He wonders how her grandmother feels. The last guy Brad interviewed (Chaz) didn't go too well. There are some wrong answers to questions, but no right ones either. Brad is annoyed as Lauren starts to eat a Butterfinger during the interview! She offers him some.

Brad asks Lauren what kind of advice to talk to girls. She suggests to wink. Brad tries pick-up lines on Lauren, and she starts laughing. Brad complains that Lauren has been laughing at him the whole time, and he spent a lot of money on his expensive suit! Lauren continues to laugh. Lauren thinks that guys should wear suits all the time.

Part 2 Edit

Brad Interviews Lauren Part 2
Upload Date August 31st 2011
Hosts Brad, Lauren
Series Random Awesomeness


Brad asks how Lauren's girlfriends would describe her. Lauren asks Brad if he has seen The Other Guys, and that they all call her Gator. She talks like Gator a lot. She makes an impression, and Brad is impressed. Lauren asks for a box as if she is in a TV. Brad finds one, and Brad feels like they finally put a TV in his office!

Lauren laughs before making the line again. Brad changes the channel to The Notebook. Lauren seems unimpressed, but eventually creates a scene, making Brad cry. Brad doesn't like how the box separates them. Brad thinks she is hired!

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