Box Bot Wars is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Box Bot Wars
Cast Ben, Adam, Chad, Bryan, Nick, Jared, Corey, Jose, Craig, Destin
Intro Host Ben (with Chad)
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Transformers War Cybertron

Synopsis Edit

When Ben reveals the clip is Transformers, he waves his hand around and makes robot noises. Ben is looking forward to that game, when Chad interrupts him. Chad states that Adam has returned. Ben thinks he is mentioning Chip Taylor from Dale and Chip's Rescue Retail. Ben remembers that Adam is the guy he hates, and angrily leaves.

Ben and Adam stare each other down like a Western film. Ben and Adam want to finish what they started. Chad, Bryan, Jose, Jared and Corey enter and declare a robot box fight. Each of them transform into their robot box costumes.

Chad's has 'Merch Machine' written on his and has a canon on his shoulder. Bryan's has 'Bryan 3:16' written on his. Bryan and Jose's are mostly just a large box with a helmet. Corey's box has devil horns, and she has a hammer and shield. Jared has a blade on his arm. Nick's box has a large N on the front, and a large helmet covering his head. Ben's costume has a sword and a arm piece that resembles a power glove. He also has a helmet covering his head. Adam's has a helmet, and is covered in small boxes.

Adam throws his mouth at Ben and they fight. Chad is shooting missiles out of his cannon. Bryan chases him and tackles him. Chad hits him on his hip. Bryan charges at Chad, but Chad gets out of the way. Jose wants to fight Corey, and she hits him in the balls with her hammer. He falls over and can't get up.

Jared wall jumps, and he and Nick punch each other. Nick shoots at Chad. Chad hits Nick with a mallet. Adam tries to wail at Ben, but Ben holds his head, and lets Adam fall to the ground. Destin runs into Craig's office with a box on his head, and tells him that everyone is outside not working. He takes off the box. 

Craig angrily goes outside, and pushes Destin. Craig goes outside, and tells everyone that they don't take breaks, before they explode.

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