Bowser's Lost is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Bowser's Lost
Cast Nick, Chad, Craig, Bowser
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date August 25th 2011
Clip / Ad Nintendogs

Synopsis Edit

Craig is on vacation, and so he has left his dog Bowser to Nick. Of course, Bowser has now gone missing. The back door was open, and Bowser got out. Nick starts looking for Bowser. He looks in a trash can and around the shopping center. He shouts out for Bowser while driving. He looks on a sign for Bowser.  He uses a mega phone calling out for Bowser, and annoys some locals.

He thinks he sees Bowser, but it is just a squirrel. He becomes tired and calls Chad. Chad tells Nick that he better find Bowser before Craig comes back, and to not stop looking. Nick then thinks that Bowser might be looking for Craig and is on his way to Hawaii!

Chad calls Craig and tells him what has said. Turns out, Chad is looking after Bowser and Craig is in on the prank. Chad plays with Bowser. Craig hands up, and says that this is for breaking his Disney poster and breaking everything. He brags that he is on vacation, and the viewer isn't. 

The clip ends with Nick swimming all the way to Hawaii.

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