Boss For A Day is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Boss For A Day
Cast Nick, Adam, Corey, Jose, Destin, Ben, Bryan, Chad, Byron
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date late July / early August 2009
Clip / Ad GameStop (upgrade to DSi)

Synopsis Edit

Since Craig is going away to get married this week, everyone had an opportunity to become the boss for a day.

Day 1 - Nervous Nick - Nick walks into the office to get everyone to start working, but no one pays attention to him. He turns off the Street Fighter arcade that Chad is playing on, but Chad pretends that it turned itself off, and turns it back on. He tries to take a controller of Adam, but Adam just yells at him. Nick starts complaining that if no one does any work, Craig will be angry at him for it.

Day 2 - Adam the intern - Adam sits everyone down to go over what he wants everyone to do. Ben is playing with a plane, and flies it at Nick's face. Adam wants Bryan to do a VGV on Earthworm Jim 2 on the SNES. Bryan doesn't want to. He wants Nick to do Earthworm Jim 2 for the Sega Saturn. Nick is confused. Adam wants Jose to do a Punto on Earthworm Jim 1 on the SNES (to go old-school). Finally, he wants Ben to do a Scoop for Earthworm Jim 1 as well, because he can't find his other copy. Bryan asks his about the bathroom he should be cleaning. Adam takes all of his games away.

Day 3 - Maxifent Corey - Corey calls Chad into her office to make the office pretty and messes with his hair. Chad is not impressed. Next up is Nick. She cleans up his face and demands that Nick asks out 1 million girls or he's fired. Adam comes in and tells Corey that the pedicure she gave him last week didn't work, but he loves what she did with his eyes. Corey gives him a mascara to try. He really likes it.

Day 4 - Jose ElMexicano - Everyone is asleep on beanbags on the floor. Jose declares that everyone has done enough work.

Day 5 - Daily Destin - Destin is excited about finally being able to be the boss. He's going to make sure everything is done. He walks into the office to find that no one is around. He sees Ben, who is packing up early. Ben explains that when everyone found out that he was going to be the boss, everyone quit. Ben leaves, and Destin begs him to stay.

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