Seaman and Careers is a video from 2009.

Bonus VGV Footage - Seaman and Careers
Upload Date some time in 2009
Hosts Nick, Jared
Series Random Awesomeness

Video Game Vault


Synopsis Edit

Nick is playing Seaman for the Video Game Vault. A seaman with Leonard Nemoy's voice asks him what he does for a living. Nick says that he works at ScrewAttack. The seaman asks again. Nick replies that he makes videos for ScrewAttack. Seaman tries again, and Nick says that he plays video games. Seaman asks if he is a cop. He says that he works for ScrewAttack again. Seaman asks him if he is in the sex industry, and Nick says yes.

Nick is disturbed. Someone walks past, and Nick tells them what seaman said. Nick tries to enforce the fact that ScrewAttack is not a porn site. Jared enters, and asks if Nick is telling seaman to stop looking at porn. Nick tells Jared what just happened.

Jared is surprised and finds it awesome. Nick asks Seaman what he does for a living, and the seaman decides to leave, and says that Nick won't care. Nick says "The Undertaker", and seaman tells him to whisper. A hand picks up the seaman, and the seaman wants to be put down.

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