Seaman Cannibals is a video from 2009.

Bonus VGV Footage - Seaman Cannibals
Upload Date some time in 2009
Hosts Nick
Series Video Game Vault

Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Nick is playing Seaman for the Video Game Vault. One of the seamen has attacked another seaman. Nick asks it what it did, before realizing that it killed it. Nick slaps the seaman, and tells it to shut up. Nick tries to teach the seaman not to kill people! The seaman is mad. Nick is mad because he wasted money on the other seaman. The seaman doesn't make any sense.

Nick tries to argue with the seaman, trying to get it to apologize. Another seaman comes and attacks the first seaman. Nick yells at it to stop! Nick tries to flick it, and the original seaman is killed. Nick tries to argue this seaman. It pays no attention to Nick. Nick tells it not to kill people! Nick yells at it, telling it that it is bad! The seaman tells Nick to leave him alone.

Nick continues to go after it, and flicks it in the butt. Nick is getting angry. Nick starts to tickle the seaman. The seaman starts to enjoy the seaman. Nick starts pumping air into the tank, and turns the heat up. He calls the seaman a freak. He keeps telling the seaman that he is ugly.

Nick starts tickling the seaman's butt. The seaman starts to enjoy it, before telling Nick to stop or he will pee! Nick takes his hands off the controller and looks very concerned. Nick decides to stop.

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