Blown Blown is an episode of Newsroom.

Blown Blown
Upload Date June 26th 2012
Hosts Lauren, brentalfloss, Jared
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Brent and Lauren are discussing, when Jared walks in, who wonders why Brent is here. Brent has run out of lyrics, and has come down to ask Lauren for some help (and forgets her name). Jared thinks that Brent is great. They are working on the Monster Hunter theme, which is one of Jared's favorite games! He asks to hear it. Brent says that it is a work in progress.

Brent sings that it sounds like the music from Superman, and Frankenstein's monster acts monstery. Upon hearing the bad, unreleated lyrics, Jared is turned off. Brent sings about Dracula, werewolves and Godzilla. Jared is angry that it didn't have anything to do with Monster Hunter. Lauren and Brent say that he is wrong.

The next verse will have a mummy and aliens. Jared asks where the Monster Hunter references are, and thinks he can make a better with Lyrics right now. He begins singing about the monsters in Monster Hunter - but he stops himself, and yells at Brent for ruining Monster Hunter and jokes about the taint. Jared leaves angrily. Brent and Lauren get back to work. 

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