Blooper Reel 2 is a Clip of the Week from 2010. This clip is a series of outtakes from other Clip of the Week's, and is part two of Blooper Reel.

Blooper Reel 2
Cast Craig, Chad, Jose, Ben, Nick, Bryan, Corey, Destin, Ryan
Intro Host none
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad none

These clips include: Dia De Huevos, Zombie Attack, Twitter, Team ScrewAttack, an unknown clip with Bryan, Craig and Chad playing on the Wii, Wee Mote and Crazy Personalities.

Synopsis Edit

Craig is explaining Dia De Huevos, and forgets the name of the game that he wants to play.

Chad is talking, but Zombie Destin interrupts him. Ben and Chad hug and are excited to be able to kill zombies. As the zombies walk around a corner, Zombie Destin pushes Zombie Ryan into a wall, and makes a hole in it. Craig is not pleased. Craig is injured after being bitch slapped by a zombie. He gets out a med-pack (which looks like toilet paper) and struggles to wrap it around his arm. Corey screams really loudly and Chad and Ben are surprised at how loud it was.

Ben stuffs up his lines from Twitter. Craig pretends to knee Nick in the groin. Chad and Ben discuss how they are going to do the clip, and Jose watches on making faces at the camera. Chad distracts Nick by making up different lines than what he said he was going to say.

Ben fixes his hair. Bryan is disturbed by Craig's weird moves as he flails his Wii Remote around. Craig makes crazy arm movements, and Nick marches past. Jose, Nick, Bryan, Ryan and Chad begin complaining about something that Craig said (they don't get a day off). Jose punches Nick. Destin says that he would 'hit that'.

Nick is splashing water onto his pants. Ben yells at him for getting water on the floor. He wants to stop, but Ben wants him to continue. Jose comes in and volunteers to help. Nick is worried that Jose is going to punch him. Chad enters and says that they are going to do a different clip.

Chad is explaining that Destin is a zombie, and Craig yells 'Zombie!' Ben gives a flat 'What?'

Ben finds some tape on the floor, and sticks it to Chad's hair. Chad pulls it out in pain. Bryan wants to have basketball with trampolines. Craig calls him a moron, but laughs every time he gets out of his chair. Corey hugs Jose. Ben is still throwing stuff at Chad. Chad runs over to the sink, gets some water and attempts to throw it at Ben, but Ben shields it. Nick scolds both of them for creating more outtakes. Ben hits Chad with a plastic container. Chad walks off to get a paper towel, and Ben throws the container at him. They then point at each other.

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