Blooper Reel is a Clip of the Week from 2010. This clip is a series of outtakes from other Clip of the Week's.

Blooper Reel
Cast Craig, Ben, Chad, Nick, Destin, Corey, Jose, Jared, Brad, Bryan
Intro Host none
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad none

These clips include: Dia De Huevos, The Others, Captain Internet, The Wolvernick, Bryan's Handy Stapler, The Christmas Conspiracy, Team ScrewAttack, Wee Mote and Crazy Personalities.

This clip is featured on the Too Hot for the Internet DVD.

Synopsis Edit

Some examples of the outtakes:

Craig laughs when trying to say his lines in Dia De Huevos. An extended version of the scream that everyone makes in The Others. Brad (as Other Craig) attempts to kiss Craig. An "uncensored" Other Nick. Craig pulls the plug out of Destin's computer and jumps away, but is still in the frame.

In The Wolverine, Jose forgets his line and improvises. In another scene, he messes up his line. Nick (Wolverine) almost falls off the table he is standing on. In Bryan's Handy Stapler, Chad thinks Nick's acting is terrible. An extended version of Corey feeding all of her toys on her desk.

Nick is trying to do Tommy's voice, but he isn't sure if he can be understood. Destin is giving sodas to Bryan, and throwing one at Corey, but is laughing too much. Jared gets caught fixing his pants, and Ben tells him that he caught it on camera. Nick and Craig are trying to improvise their lines, and Craig is talking with his hands.