• Prowler64

    After over a year of this wiki now, I see the same kind of things from the same types of users. The Death Battle pages are getting clogged with Death Battle suggestions and hate speeches. I will use this blog to attempt to give examples as to why we don't want comments like this.

    1. The most obvious is that Death Battle already has its own wiki. There is no need for a second one, as they are already well established. If a user gets blocked from there, what would stop them from coming here just to continue spamming their hate. I have already noticed users getting banned from there, only to come here and get banned for the exact same reasons. This tells me that the rules at this wiki must be made stricter to prevent this.
    2. The target audience of t…
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  • Prowler64

    So it appears the Death Battle crowd has discovered this wikia. While this is a good thing, unfortunately, this means that this wikia may become a place for people to dump their Death Battle suggestions. This will not be tolerated.

    If you have a suggestion, you can only use the Death Battle Facebook page, or post it in the most recent Death Battle video on ScrewAttack or YouTube. No other place is acceptable, and they will be ignored by Ben and Chad if placed anywhere else.

    Furthermore, absolutely NO Death Battle discussion is to be placed on this site whatsoever (not even the forums). The target audience of this site doesn't want to hear about your suggestions! Please respect the fans who want to read and edit about ScrewAttack, who don't care …

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