Best Job Ever is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Best Job Ever
Cast Nick, Ben, Jose, Craig, Chad
Intro Host Nick, Ben and Jose
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Westwood College Online

Synopsis Edit

Nick, Ben and Jose are introducing the Clip of the Week, and each person needs to say a different work in the "Clip of the Week". However, Jose has fallen asleep, and Ben needs to wake him up so he can say "week". The clip reminds Ben of when they first joined ScrewAttack, and Jose adds that they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Nick replies that he did know.

There is a flashback memory involving Ben, Jose and Nick working at ScrewAttack for the first time. They are very excited. Ben says that the graphics of the game they are playing need to be tightened. Nick states that what Ben said didn't make sense, and explains actual terms that would improve the graphics. Ben stops him as Jose has killed a guy without even looking. Jose decides that he wants to give pointers on playing games (which would become Jose's Puntos), while Ben says that he wants to review games (which would become The Scoop). Nick can't decide what he is going to do, and Ben exclaims that Nick joined a year later, and that Nick hijacked their memory. Nick awkwardly leaves and Ben steals his chair.

Back to the present, where the three are laughing. Nick comments that what was just shown was actually the opposite of what happened.

Another flashback to what actually did happen, includes Ben walking into Craig's office, and Craig yelling at him. Craig realizes he can get free labor out of this and plays along, giving Ben 5 VGV's and a Top 10 due next week. Ben asks when he's going to get his own show, to which Craig calls him a moron and tells him to get out.

Jose asks Nick to put Halo 2. Nick tells a long story about how he broke his XBox 360. The 360 he is touching starts to overheat, and smoke begins coming out. Nick turns the 360 on, and it red rings. Ben finds the towel trick to fix 360's. Jose says that if it works, he'll hump the 360. Ben is disturbed.

Jose is folding shirts when Chad walks in. Jose asks if Chad could help him with the shirts, and Chad says that it would suck if it became his job. Fast-forward to the present day, and Chad has a ton of shirts to fold, and he is disappointed.

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