Craig shows off SGC, and his family.

Random Awesomeness: Behind the Scenes of SGC 2014 with Craig
Upload Date July 2014
Hosts Craig, Jose (flashback), Chad, Ben (flashback), Bryan (flashback), Sam, Angel (flashback), Nick (flashback), Parker, Shaun (flashback), John (flashback), Sean (flashback), Austin (flashback), Kristen, Mackenzie
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack is different. ScrewAttack is about fun. It is about the games. ScrewAttack is full of the hardest working people in the industry who like each other. They play games and talk about news, but it is also about having an eating challenge.

Craig introduces SGC. SGC is their annual event  to get awesome people together. They think of SGC not as a convention, but as a 3 day big slumber party.

The people have no idea who each other are, but are connected through the arcade games. Craig plays an arcade game with a g1, and Craig is having his face bitten. Craig's wife and daughter, Kristen and Mackenzie are shown.

Craig talks about his family, and discusses both his daughters Mackenzie and Madeline. This was their first SGC. When Craig started ScrewAttack, he worked from when he woke up until he went to bed. When he started his family, him time was cut in half. Craig has made it a priority to balance his time between his family and ScrewAttack. Mackenzie calls Craig.

Kristen doesn't like some of the things about ScrewAttack, like travelling and being away from the family. Craig wonders if this is like being the Kedashians is like as he eats with his family. Craig swings Mackenzie around. Craig meets with some fans.

Craig has the freedom to produce what he wants and how he wants. Craig's family and his work family are extremely important to him. Mackenzie and Craig are on stage at SGC.

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