Behind the Bytes was a five part series made for ScrewAttack in 2011. The show's premise was to be a mockumentary series about video game characters.

Vigiden was a fake news show made for ScrewAttack in 2012. It contained a news desk format with several skits thrown in.

List of Behind the Bytes episodes Edit

  1. Tails: Sonic's Shadow
  2. Zelda, Link and Navi: Triforce of Anguish
  3. Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy: The Tyrant and the Star
  4. Duke Nukem: Reluctant Misogynist
  5. Yoshi & the Death of Birdo

List of Vigiden episodes Edit

  1. Exclusive Interview with Goldman on G's HIV Diagnosis
  2. Breaking News: GTA V Leaked
  3. Rapture
  4. Umbrella Corporation Declares Bankruptcy
  5. Deathmatch Discourse: Are Games Sexist?
  6. Diablo III Stuck in Development Hell
  7. Hyrule Economy in Crisis / Windfish attacks Manhattan
  8. Byte to Eat: Zelda's Legendary Roasted Octorok
  9. Tozai's Topical Talkback
  10. Byte to Eat: How to Cook a Pikachu

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