Beautiful Kata-Strophe is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Beautiful Kata-Strophe
Cast Nick (as Tommy, voiceover), Ben, Chad, Jared, Craig, Angel
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date May 28th 2011
Clip / Ad Katamari

Synopsis Edit

What would Katamari be like in real life? A news report on the radio hosted by Tommy indicates that Australia and South America have been destroyed. A giant ball is heading to North America. Chad wants to get out. Ben thinks they should stay where they are. They hear a noise. Craig states that they need to go.

Outside, they all witness the giant ball approaching. Jared, Chad and Craig run away. Ben pulls out a gun (as he did a week earlier in The End is Here). Craig states that it won't work this time. Ben shoots the ball, but it does nothing.

Chad, Jared and Craig run. Craig falls over. Chad and Jared try to pick him up, but ultimately leave Craig to get swallowed by the ball. Jared and Chad find a dead end, and yell at the ball asking why they are doing it. They hold hands and brace themselves. Craig can be seen screaming on the ball.

It turns out that Angel is playing Katamari!

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