Beat that Soulja Boy Rap is a video from 2008.

Beat that Soulja Boy Rap
Upload Date around August 19th 2008
Hosts Craig, Chad, Destin, Jose, Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig wants to tell Soulja Boy that after he set the challenge and ScrewAttack accepted, he hasn't got back to Craig. Craig says that it is obvious that his MTV show was fake to make him look good.  Craig says that Soulja Boiy has an opportunity to play against real gamers. Craig complains that Soulja Boy doesn't even use decent attacks, only using one button attacks and doesn't even throw a fire ball. Craig wants the challenge. The crew make a rap for him so that he can understand.

Craig does the lyrics in front of the arcade machines. He also stands outside against the brick wall. In another setup, Craig is demonstrating a fireball attack, while Chad and Jose sit on the back of the car behind, while Destin lies on the front.

While Craig starts the second verse, Jose is giving Destin a haircut! Chad, Bryan, Destin and Jose throw their arms in the air outside. Craig demonstrates how to actually play the game, and shows how to do a Dragon Punch.

Craig is laughing at Soulja Boy. Craig says that he beat a hack on MTV. Both Soulja Boy and the other guy are scrubs. Craig states that this is the worst rap ever, and demands that Soulja Boy pulls through with the challenge. He likes the fact that his voice is echoing.

Soulja Boy was too afraid to ever come through with the challenge.

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