Steve makes awkward conversations at a convention.

Upload Date March 23rd 2013
Hosts Brad (as Unaware Steve)
Series Unaware Steve


Synopsis Edit

Steve's last game was Cool Spot. He doesn't know much about the video game industry. He gets the person he is talking to to play some of his game. Steve thinks it looks like the Back to the Future car or the Batmobile. A guy is working on two computers, and Steve asks why he doesn't have them next to each other.

The game the first guy was playing was like a crash testing dummy game, as the character is flung out of the car. Steve sees that the guy is drinking a drink called "Bawls" and laughs annoyingly at it.

Steve walks up to a guy, and asks him what he is drinking. Steve laughs when he replies "Bawls". Steve tells someone that they should have got a pack of Monster, and a pack of Bawls, and they would have had Monster Bawls! The guy likes the idea.

The Bawls start a lot of awkward conversations. He talks about his friends, and Steve tries to talk to his friends, who are empty chairs. Steve sees a lot of cans of Bawls.

Steve sees a huge stack of Bawls cans and freaks out.

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