It is time to fight Grunty the witch! Or it would have been if Nick had enough notes and jiggies!

Banjo Kazooie: The End (Part 27) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 7th 2014
Hosts Chad, Nick
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad has no idea how close they are to the end. Nick skips the spaces that can kill him. They are shown a picture and aren't sure which level it is from and get it wrong. They are then shown a picture of Bottles and have to identify him.

They find a Grunty question that they didn't get, and get it wrong. The last question asks what makes the bears happy. Chad wants one of the options to be a dad. Nick completes the quiz.

Grunty gets away, and a cutscene is shown before the credits are shown. Nick skips the credits. Nick promises that it would have got old quick. Chad is confused as to what happened at the end of the credits.

Nick becomes terrified as a fish comes up from nowhere and almost kills him. Nick tries to show off his skill of running through the tentacles, but is hit by the last one, and Chad calls him on it. Chad wonders if it is possible to fall off the game board. They activate the final pot. They find a note door, and realize that they don't have enough notes to open it! Nick screams!

A fast forward montage is shown as they get five more notes. They head back to Mumbo's Mountain and Treasure Trove Cove to find them. Nick knows that someone would have known that this would happen. Nick finds a jigsaw puzzle of Grunty, and hopes he has enough puzzle pieces. He doesn't, and Chad gets angry! They fell 8 short.

They head to Bubble Gloop Swamp to get more. They complete the puzzle. Chad wonders what could screw them over next. They discover Dingpot, and have given up on the voices. Nick has enough notes to open one of the extra doors.

They finally make it to Gruntilda. Grunty swoops at Banjo and hits. Nick pecks Grunty in the butt! Nick beats the first phase, and blocks her homing attack. Nick has to shoot Grunty with eggs in the second phase. He cuts it close down to 1 health. Nick somehow gets a hit in without being killed. Nick gets past the second phase, but has no golden feathers to block the homing attack and is killed.

He has to start the boss from the beginning. Nick decides to fill his gold feathers, but is knocked off the top of the tower by Grunty to his death! Chad laughs.

One swoop from Grunty has her hitting the ground - it should have hurt her! Nick beats the first phase again. Nick becomes focused as he shoots his eggs. The second phase is now beaten, as Nick hangs really close to the edge to shoot Grunty. The flying pad appears so Nick can bombdive at her. Chad thinks this boss fight is pretty good. Nick hits the ground and falls off the edge! Chad was about to warn him about that!

Grunty goes off the edge, so Nick shoots her with eggs instead. Nick takes a huge amount of damage to complete phase 1. Nick gets through the egg shooting section, and takes to the sky again. Nick runs out of feathers after hitting and missing a few times. Nick has to land and collect more red feathers. It becomes terrifying as fireballs rain down on him.

Nick insults Grunty for her terrible aim, and Chad says that Nick is too! Nick believes that he could do better. Nick is scared as he only has one hit point left. Nick continues to miss Grunty. Grunty casts a shield on herself, and Nick can't steer away, and hits her, dying. Now it has to be a new episode!

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