Nick shows off before Chad and Nick hang out with the ninja turtles.

Banjo Kazooie: Ninja Rap (Part 6) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 14th 2014
Hosts Chad, Nick
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Nick head into Bubble Gloop Swamp. They make nicknames for the levels. Bottles thinks he is clever for hiding, but he is right behind the starting area. Banjo doesn't do anything! Nick explains how Banjo does even less in the sequel!

Nick gets the first jinjo without the boots. Nick misses a lily pad and ends up in the piranha water, before breaking a giant egg to get a puzzle piece. Nick wades through the piranha water just to get some notes without boots!

Nick finds a puzzle switch and "wonders" what it does. He walks across the narrow path to get it. Nick is overly confident, and goes on a detour to get a Mumbo token and a jinjo on his way! He almost messes up, but gets the jiggy with plenty of time remaining.

Nick battles the yellow frogs, and kills them all with golden feathers, and gets another jiggy. Meanwhile, Chad is talking like a hick who wants gold. The camera screws Nick over as he stands on top of a q-tip, and crashes into the ground. He once again walks through the swamp to get notes, and climbs a q-tip to get a jinjo.

The jinjos are like Pokemon, as they only say their own name. Chad is racist against jinjos for saying they all looks the same! Nick destroys some indigenous people's homes, hits a witch switch, which the proceeding animation confuses Chad. Nick gets the jiggy in the highest house. Chad wonders why Kazooie left Bottles since Banjo is so lazy.

Nick shows off the smashing in of Tanktup's feet. As an owner of turtles, Nick claims that this won't work. Chad continues being horrified. Nick then walks inside Tanktup to find more turtles inside the turtle. Chad and Nick sing the ninja rap.

Nick was too busy ninja rapping that he didn't pay attention to the turtle choir. Chad is once again horrified as Nick smashes the turtles demanding they sing. They name the turtles after the ninja turtles to help them remember. The yellow one is the horrible chick turtle.

Nick gets several turtles wrong, and is down to just one health left. Nick dies after getting it wrong! Chad demands Nick show off how the wading boots work to get the Mumbo token, and the camera goes weird. Chad makes an old Robin Hood reference, and Nick gets it. They need to focus better this time.

Between them, they get it correct without mistakes, and get the jiggy. Chad doesn't recognize Tiptup from Diddy Kong Racing, until Nick mentions it. Nick zooms in on Tiptup's face to end the episode!

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