Nick plays through Banjo Kazooie for Chad who hasn't played before. They play through Spiral Mountain and Mumbo's Mountain.

Banjo Kazooie: Instant Disaster (Part 1) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 9th 2014
Hosts Chad, Nick
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Nick ruins Chad's intro. Chad has to apologize for Nick. Nick tries to explain his reasoning for yelling, and Chad yells at him. Chad has never played Banjo, despite his love of old Rare games. Nick chooses the gameboy save file, because it is hilarious that Microsoft kept that in.

Nick explains the xylophone in the intro that changes from saying Nintendo to Microsoft. They watch the intro cutscene, and Chad puts on a voice for Gruntilda, while Nick puts a voice for Dingpot. Chad is freaked out at Gruntilda's appearance, and is sure that this is a Disney plotline!

Chad's voice sounds like Skeletor from He-Man! Chad puts on a voice for Tooty and Kazooie. Nick introduces the characters. Nick knows a lot of trivia about the game. Chad is still distracted by Grunty's eye! Nick makes voices for Bottles and Banjo.

They head outside. Nick loves how Banjo learns his moves as he goes. Chad and Nick make fun with the voices. Kazooie is a prick! Nick loves how Rare characters have eyes on everything! Nick goes around collecting the honey comb pieces before going into the first world, and the extra life. Chad tells Nick that he doesn't have to explain the entire game. Chad is confused by the Colliwobble.

Nick gets the final honey comb piece in Spiral Mountain. Banjo enters Grunty's Lair, and the next cutscene plays out. Chad likes to change the words to make them swear. Nick jumps up to get the first jiggy of the game. They are 1% of the way done! They look at a picture of Grunty, and Chad is still distracted by the eye!

They arrive at the first picture frame, and quickly speed through the text. Mumbo's Mountain is opened. They decide to enter Mumbo's Mountain. Bottle's voice gets worse as the game goes on! Chad finds it weird how gamers have an instinct to kill everything they see. Nick finds the first move to learn, continuing the awful Bottles voice.

The beak buster is a ground pound. Nick introduces Chad to the jinjos. Nick almost doesn't get the jacked up extra life. Nick gets the first jiggy of this world, and explains that he is trying to match the voices the game gives the items. Nick jokes that the characters should commit suicide to leave the level! Chad has to stop Nick again from spoiling Mumbo Jumbo.

Nick learns the talon trot move. Chad pretends that Kazooie complains about Banjo being heavy, as Nick gets a jinjo and jiggy. Nick continues to collect more jinjos and notes. Nick triggers Conga's switches, and takes the jiggy, before stealing an orange to give to Chimpy.

The orange is a cannibal! Chad wanted Chimpy to be Diddy. Chimpy calls Banjo fat, making Banjo depressed. Nick learns the egg shooting move. Chad wonders why Bottles and Kazooie hate each other, and theorizes that they used to date. They shoot eggs at Conga, to get his other jiggy.

Nick explains the witch switch. Chad keeps on telling him to stop explaining stuff. They get attacked by a bull called Bigbutt.

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