Chad and Nick discover Snacker, the terrifying shark, and learn how to fly.

Banjo Kazooie: Ghost Shark (Part 3) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 11th 2014
Hosts Chad, Nick
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Nick arrive in Treasure Trove Cove, and Nick starts with the terrible Bottles voice. Nick misses the jinjo underwater, and the ghost shark terrifies them both. They discuss Snacker the shark. Chad wants to see Snacker bite the jinjo in half. Snacker camps around the jinjo! It is terrifying that it disappears! Nick poops on the Snacker!

This level has Nick's favorite music in the game. They head over to Nipper - who can't focus on anything! Kazooie is such a bitch! They head into the shell after killing Nipper - who became two crabs. Banjo's nose has jiggle physics!

Nick heads over to Blubber. Chad thinks he is drunk. His treasure is in his ship! Even his treasure talks! Blubber will buy booze with his treasure! Nick angrily gives Blubber his gold and Nick gets his jiggy.

The red feather spoils what it does! Kazooie learns how to fly. Bottles and Kazooie had a rough breakup. They find a terrifying treasure chest with a jiggy in it. Chad thinks that Snacker should have been in their scariest enemies list.

Nick learns the shock jump move, and jumps across the pads, skipping over as many as he can to get the next jiggy. Everything has eyes on it! Nick goes to hit the X's. A treasure chest informs them if there looking for gold to follow the X's, and Chad replies with now they are! Nick barely misses the orange jinjo by flying over it. The jinjos can clearly fly!

Nick discusses Stop 'N' Swap. As he does this, he breaks the chest and gets the jiggy. Chad finds Leaky, the party pale. Stop 'N' Swap on the Xbox version was super disappointing. Chad is confused by Leaky's ability to remove the water from the sandcastle.

In the sandcastle, they joke about how obvious it is what they have to spell. Nick tries to kill the crab guarding the jiggy by bear swiping it! Nick heads up to the top of the level, and gets the last jinjo. Chad is shocked by the witch switch shooting a jiggy out of a cannon, and Nick gets the jiggy on the top of the lighthouse. Next episode, they are going to kill themselves!

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