Nick gets shot out of the sky, saves Christmas, and find a racist walrus.

Banjo Kazooie: Danger Zone (Part 9) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 21st 2014
Hosts Chad, Nick
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad screams as the snowman is still on the screen. They talk about Boggy being a bad parent. Nick slips around on the snow. Nick jumps through the water to get to Mumbo. A jinjo needs to be saved from being sacrificed by Mumbo.

Nick wades through the water back, despite having the boots available to him! They find Wozza the Walrus, who is terrified of Banjo. They scare Wozza several times. Nick poops eggs onto Wozza. Chad wants Nick to try to fly above Wozza, but he is too smart for that.

Nick flies back to the top of the scarf, and jumps into the snowman's pipe for another jiggy. Nick falls off the snowman, crashing into the ground. Nick avoids snowballs, and tries to ram into the snowmen's hats. He finally hits one. Nick gets hit by a few more snowballs, and is shot out of the sky and dies.

Nick tries to swoop down onto a present, and fails. Nick explains that the Xbox version makes this game easier by not making the player get all the notes again. Nick falls off the snowman again! Chad starts singing and speaks like Skeletor again. Chad begs Nick to get more life. Nick hands over the presents to all the kids, and is rewarded with the jiggy.

Nick begins killing the snowmen again, as Chad sings Danger Zone. Nick rams into the side of a hill. Nick hits the witch switch. Nick accidentally gives away the fact that he will turn into a walrus. Chad makes a wager, that if Nick doesn't fall off the snowman, they will continue playing. The camera doesn't want them to!

Nick makes it to the top of the hat, killing a massive icecube. He collects all the notes. Nick is still looking for Mumbo tokens, and sees another jinjo, and flies to it. Nick falls, but makes it back to the top of the scarf, so Chad calls it. Nick almost falls off again!

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