Chad and Nick spend some time inside Clanker, before opening Bubble Gloop Swamp.

Banjo Kazooie: Clanker's Belly (Part 5) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 13th 2014
Hosts Chad, Nick
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Nick are inside a mechanic beast. Nick's controller is so ancient that it creaks. Nick heads underwater to get another jinjo. Nick gets hit by a weird parasite. Nick heads into the hole in Clanker's teeth to get the jiggy.

Nick heads into the blowhole, and triggers an odd witch switch that raises Grunty's eyes! Chad is horrified by the blades inside Clanker. Nick is almost killed by the blades, but gets the jiggy. Bottles is somehow inside Clanker! How!? Nick learns how to use the rare gold feathers - and Bottles hands over 5 of them! Nick tries to get through the entire thing without being hit. He is only hit twice! He was not expecting to do so well, and gets the jiggy.

It is time to leave Clanker, and Chad can't wait to leave. Banjo gets jacked with an extra life. Nick is reminded about his journal from when he was 8, and he wrote a Banjo Kazooie fan fiction. The chomping monster is more terrifying while watching it from above. Nick wonders why water levels are the worst, as they get the blue jinjo underwater.

Nick enters the mutant crab area and kills them all. With them all defeated, Nick is rewarded with a jiggy. This level is horrible. Nick struggles to remember where all the jiggies are. Nick believes that the best underwater swimming is in Majora's Mask. Nick gets an underwater jiggy. Nick jumps to the platform above Clanker's blowhole, but falls off twice. Chad disturbs Nick by making jokes about Clanker's blowhole, as Nick finally gets the jiggy.

Nick discusses how items in this game stay there, rather than disappearing after a short amount of time. As he tries to say this, Nick finally gets attacked by the chomping monster.

Nick leaves the level, and activates a pipe to get higher up. He talks to Brentilda, and Chad continues to write down Brentilda's secrets. Nick criticizes Grunty's attempt at rhyming. Nick avoids being blown up by a mine. Chad comments that the mine looks like it needs to fart.

Nick missed a switch, and has to go back to get to it. Nick heads to the next puzzle, which will open Bubble Gloop Swamp. Nick asks Chad how similar Banjo is to Conker's Bad Fur Day. Chad wants to play it with Nick because of Nick's innocence. They arrive at Bubble Gloop Swamp.

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