As the game begins to drain Chad, Nick struggles to find out how to unlock the final world.

Banjo Kazooie: All Sanity Lost (Part 20) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 31st 2014
Hosts Chad, Nick
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Nick finds another jinjo, and the rest will be left to die. They see a toll on the opposite side of the platforms. Nick tries to shoot to the toll. If he can get it, everyone owes Nick a dollar! The eggs despawn before they can get close enough.

Nick wants to show Chad the saddest thing. A dolphin trapped under the Rusty Bucket. Nick gets stuck under the ship, and just manages to get to land on the inside. Nick hits the anchor button, and Chad jokes that the anchor rips Snorkel the Dolphin up. Nick heads underwater to get the underwater jiggy. He finds a ladder to get out. Nick falls back into the water.

Nick searches for a room on the ship, and becomes lost. This frustrates Chad further. Since he can't find it, he decides to leave Rusty Bucket Bay.

The game developers troll the player's by putting the picture for the final stage right at the start of the game. Nick shows Chad where the final picture frame is, but there is no puzzle piece platform here. Nick sees a Mumbo skull behind a pot, and collects it.

The game is beginning to drain Chad. They open a note door. They were going to cut footage out, but didn't. Nick searches for the note he needs. Nick finds how to raise the water. Nick is confused as to what he needs to do, but gets past the enemies in a cool way. Nick finally finds the puzzle switch, nowhere near where Nick thought it was. Nick tells the audience to kill themselves!

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