Back Street Fighter Boys was a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Back Street Fighter Boys
Cast Destin, Jared, Adam, Chad, Bryan, Craig, Ben, Corey, Jose, Byron, (someone else)
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Street Fighter IV (the clip itself was not shown)

Synopsis Edit

Destin finally has his copy of Street Fighter IV. He puts it on to play. He's getting pumped to play, when suddenly, a masked, dancing Jared appears on the screen in the Hard News studio. Chad and Adam also appear and mime the lyrics to Indestructible (the theme song of Street Fighter IV). Destin covers his ears.

Craig and Chad are standing in a field preparing to fight. Jose is seen miming the lyrics. Cross back to the Hard News studio where Adam and Chad are miming into a microphone with Jared dancing behind them. The next scene has Jared with Corey. Craig and Chad run into each other causing an explosion before they exchange fists.

Bryan and (someone else) are at an arcade machine, and also join in miming the lyrics. Back to Adam, Chad and Jared still dancing in the Hard News set, before crossing to Jared touching a Ryu poster, before Jared stands on a Street Fighter car.

Another cross back to Bryan and (someone else) by the arcade machine. Chad and Craig are still punching each other. Bryan, Corey and Byron are rocking out. Ben, Jared and Chad walk towards the camera. Craig makes a huge Hadouken and Chad looks worried, however he blocks it. Destin can't believe what he just watched.

Trivia Edit

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