Are you Ready for the new is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

Are you Ready for the new
Cast Nick
Intro Host Jose
Upload Date some time in 2008
Clip / Ad Windows for Microsoft

Synopsis Edit

With the launch of version 3 of the site, Nick wanted to show off the new features to the community. Nick starts by aggressively discusses the fact that the old content will remain such as Angry Video Game Nerd and Video Game Vault. He throws papers into the air and spins around in his excitement. He asks the viewers how long they think it will take for the new site to launch, but then tells them not to answer it, and that he doesn't know why he asked in the first place.

He mentions the new site features including g1 blogs, points and Hard News. When saying that the site will be free, he tears paper with his mouth, spits it back out, and says that he would enjoy peeing in his pants. How much longer do you have to wait? A month? No. A year? No. Longer? No. It comes out this week! Nick is very excited.

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