Ben, Nick and Sam attempt to eat 2lbs of Rice Krispie Treats while at APEX. It was a terrible idea.

Apex 2013 Eating Challenge - This Was A Terrible Idea
Upload Date January 31st 2013
Hosts Ben, Nick, Sam
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The trio introduce themselves before drinking at the same time. Ben laughs at Nick slurping. The Smash Bros tournament is tomorrow, so they prepare a 2lbs of Rice Krispies Treats. Ben and Nick argue as to why they are doing this. They want to eat the entire 2lbs before they go to sleep, with the competition starting the next day. It doesn't take long (like seconds) before they realize the mistake they have made.

The three have already eaten dinner, and aren't very hungry. They don't have a cameraman, so Nick tells the viewer to stay where they are. They keep on saying what a terrible idea it was. They got about a third of the way through before they resort to cheating.

Nick pretends to eat it off camera. Ben tries to dramatically eat the rice krispy, but falls backwards laughing. They laugh as they try to eat as much as they can, realizing that they will never finish it. Ben doesn't even like rice krispy treats! Sam points out that it has vitamin A in it.

They throw that last quarter or so off the balcony.

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