At PAX 12, Warren Spector talked about Epic Mickey 2, as well as life in the industry.

An Epic Mickey 2 Walkthrough with Warren Spector Edit

An Epic Mickey 2 Walkthrough with Warren Spector
Upload Date September 7th 2012
Hosts Warren Spector
Series Random Awesomeness


Warren shows off the game on a TV. Warren discusses what was just shown in the cutscene. The player has to decide what they are going to do. They can't do both. The first game had a lot of issues with the camera, so they made sure to fix that as well as other issues in this game.

There are many multiple paths to get to the same area, and many challenges to do in each area. The co-op is discussed. Warren discusses how the characters are changing the world around them. The first game had a choice and consequences mechanic.

Warren talks about Oswald. The room gets to decide whether to kill the enemies or try to make friends with them. The room decides to kill them! Pretty much everything in this game has multiple ways of interacting with everything. Someone who wants a more combat experience can have that, while someone who wants to be friends with everyone will see less combat. There is a section of this early level that can impact later on in the game if it is returned to later on.

Talking Epic Mickey and Life Pt.1 Edit

Talking Epic Mickey and Life Pt.1
Upload Date September 7th 2012
Hosts Warren Spector, Jared
Series Random Awesomeness


After showing off the game, Warren took questions on the game. The first question asks about multiple endings. Warren states that there aren't branching stories, but each mission will be split into multiple paths. The story itself is linear.

Warren has done games with multiple endings, but has never had a bad ending. The way the player has played the game will affect the ending though. There are a lot of paths to get to every section of the game.

Warren likes to incorporate new challenges into his games. There may be a special edition release, but Warren doesn't know. He wants the game to be HD. Someone asks what Warren's opinion of Who Shot Roger Rabbit. He loves it, and thinks that it is awesome.

He has tried to have conversations to get the companies to come together again, but there are contractual and licensing issues.

Jared asks if there will be a musical number. There is one in the opening scene and is available to be seen online. They aren't sure about any others.

He is asked about the Wii U, and has no comment. Warren was surprised at how different the controllers felt. Warren demonstrates how kids play on the Wii compared to how adults play on the Wii. Watching adults play with the standard controller is different again. Adults start playing more like kids. People always ask which version to buy, and they all have a different experience.

Talking Epic Mickey and Life Pt.2 Edit

Talking Epic Mickey and Life Pt.2
Upload Date September 7th 2012
Hosts Warren Spector
Series Random Awesomeness


There is a question about Gamer Scores. The player will need to play the game multiple times in order to see everything, but it is possible to do it in one playthrough. They made a long list of everything that they needed to do in order to get everything in one run.

It is possible to get through Deux Ex without killing anybody! The developers thought that three people had to die, but a player figured out how to do it without killing anybody! Someone got through Thief 3 without ever being seen! A play tester got through Deux Ex without using a weapon! Some developers see this as a bug, but Warren sees this as a game ready to be shipped!

Working with the Disney archives is amazing. The archivers found a lost cartoon during researching this game! It's great working with the voices of the characters. Oswald never had a voice, so they got to cast voices for the characters. If the characters are heard ever again, a game did that!

Disney wouldn't let Warren do one thing apart from the obvious ones. You can't show Mickey's ???. (The video skips over what can't be seen.)

Warren thinks it is nonsense that you can't be creative with a licensed game. He just has to find the heart of the franchise. Warren talks about some other ideas he had that got rejected, or that he just wants to do. He wanted to have rejected Tinkerbells in the game.

Disney don't want Mickey's brow coming out, as it makes him look angry. Warren discusses that people shouldn't mess with character designs and people's childhoods. It doesn't matter how funny it is, people will become angry.

The art designers had concept art to go off of, and weren't allowed to be too creative. They had pictures of barrels, garbage cans, the ground etc to work off of.

Talking Epic Mickey and Life Pt.3 Edit

Talking Epic Mickey and Life Pt.3
Upload Date September 7th 2012
Hosts Warren Spector
Series Random Awesomeness


Part 3 is the same as part 2. It may have been an error, and part 3 has never been seen.

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