Amanda McKay's Battleship is sponsored by Coke Zero is a video from 2012.

Amanda McKay's Battleship is sponsored by Coke Zero
Upload Date May 31st 2012
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Last time we saw Amanda, it was in a stadium in Dallas. Now, Craig is talking to her on Skype. Craig asks her if she is being sponsored by Coke Zero. She clearly is! Amanda is getting ready for E3 for Spike TV, as they will be streaming the whole event. They are looking forward to seeing the announcements for the new games.

Amanda talks about the new game coming out called Battle for Everything. She discusses the plot and gameplay of the game. There will be lots of cool weapons and machinery. Sadly, the connection dropped, so the rest of the interview had to be done on the phone instead.

Jared is excited that this movie Battleship is getting a game, and the franchise started as a video game. It is like Street Fighter: The Movie! Craig asks if they are getting a better product then that. It is its own entity. The first few levels are free, and the rest become available with CocaCola products.

Craig says that she either knows what she is talking about, or she has cue cards! She finds this rude! Craig asks whether he can drink other Coca Cola products, which he can. Craig mentions that he likes the Coca Cola Zero commercial. There are also prizes involved in this deal.

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