Altered Toucan is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Altered Toucan
Cast Craig, Nick (as himself and Tommy), Bryan, Corey, Jose, Ryan, Destin
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Joust

Synopsis Edit

Normally it would be hard to relate this kind of clip to what happens around the office, but in this case they just ripped them off.

Craig is watching a video that Nick has made, and gives Nick advice on how to improve the video.  The biggest improvement is star wipes. Nick knows that star wipes suck, and argues with his evil self, who says that Nick's videos suck, that Jose can beat Nick in Street Fighter and that Ben is better than him.

Craig gives Nick his laptop back, however, Nick's feelings have been hurt enough that he transforms into Tommy. Tommy punches Craig, and Craig tries to sound the Playdoh alarm. He tries to make an announcement to everyone, but notices that his microphone is unplugged.

Tommy pushes Bryan out of the way, and hits a camera. Corey, Jose and Bryan are barricading a door. They think that Tommy is gone, until they can hear footsteps on the roof. Tommy lands in the room, and they un-barricade.

They run past Ryan, and Jose gets him to continue reading his book, and defend the spot. Tommy charges at Ryan and kills him in a very gruesome manner, as Jose, Corey and Bryan watch. Corey finds the toucan gun, and shoots Destin. Jose asks her what she's doing, and she claims that Destin was the greater evil. Jose and Craig agree. Tommy hates how the intern tastes, and Jose, Bryan and Craig demand for Corey to shoot at Tommy. She does, and Tommy falls to the ground, and transforms back into Nick.

Nick hates when that happens, and goes back to editing the video. Craig is relieved that nobody important died this time. Bryan asks what about Destin, to which Jose replies that Destin isn't important.

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